The Most Overlooked Solutions for Cystic Acne Treatment

Cystic acne is the most difficult type of acne to treat, as well as the form of acne most likely to leave scars. Although this particular type of acne may require the need of a dermatologist, there are some natural acne treatments that have proven useful as cystic acne treatments.

Apple cider vinegar has been known to work well as a facial toner in natural cystic acne treatment. The vinegar will work to balance the pH levels in your skin, hence reducing the chances of future outbreaks of acne. This is an easy and inexpensive treatment which can be applied with a cotton ball or cotton swab.

Another home remedy that can be used for cystic acne treatments is the combination of aspirin and honey. Mix a crushed aspirin with water to form a paste, then wash face with mixture and rinse. This provides good exfoliation for the skin. Apply the honey after using the aspirin paste treatment, and leave on skin for several minutes. The honey contains antibacterial properties and will also work well as a moisturizer and have a soothing effect on the skin.

Baking soda has also been used in natural cystic acne treatments. Mix with water and apply as a paste. Perhaps do this before bedtime, applied to problematic areas. Again, if this is the first time trying this , use only on a small area to see if irritation develops. Aloe Vera juice can be applied to cystic acne to aid in healing, as well as using facial masks made from egg whites. All of these cystic acne treatments are natural and many can be found right in the kitchen.

Willow bark is another natural treatment for acne, and can be found in the popular Burt's Bees line of product, as well as in other Willow Bark Acne Products available for purchase through

Many people have also used plain toothpaste as an effective spot treatment for acne. Apply to acne cysts and leave on overnight. There are also some 100% natural and organic products that claim to provide effective cystic acne treatments.

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