Back Acne Causes and Treatments Explained

Back acne is one of the common types of acne that affects individuals. 'Bacne', as it is commonly called, affects the back, upper arms and even the upper part of the buttocks. Even though there is no scientifically proven cause of back acne, most skin experts believe that it is caused when skin pores get clogged and too much sebum is produced. Sebum, together with oil, sweat and dead skin cells accumulate on the skin thus attracting bacteria which leads to acne.

The affected areas usually have skin that is characterized by scaly red skin, whitehead, blackheads, pinheads, large papules or pimples.

Back acne is usually considered serious as more sebaceous glands are found on the back than in other parts of the body. In addition, the skin area on the back is thicker thus making it resistant to treatment. Because the back is difficult to clean as compared to other body areas, it has a high probability of getting infected by acne. Back acne causes discomfort especially skin irritation when there is friction between the back and clothes.

There are several natural acne treatment methods that can effectively eradicate back acne. Some of the natural methods that can be applied on the affected skin include; apple cider vinegar, aloe Vera and honey.

Apple cider vinegar, if applied on regular basis, kills the acne causing bacteria while also absorbing excess oils on the skin. Honey has strong anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties that kill bacteria and prevents formation of pimples. On the other hand, aloe Vera is effective in reducing the swelling and redness that is caused by acne. It is also used in healing the scars that are caused by acne.

Now you have learned about back acne causes and some natural type of treatment. To learn more about proven method on how people treat their back acne, click here.

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